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-I was so terrified of going to the dentist because I had not been to one in years and had a lot of issues with my teeth. I was embarrassed and filled with anxiety. I got to Greentree dental and was so relieved to meet Krystaly and the other staff because they were so amazing and kind. Dr. Doug was just as amazing he went through every tooth with me and came up with a treatment plan that was broken down and affordable. I will have my teeth fixed in just 3 visits which is a miracle and the best Christmas present in the world! If you are in need of a visit to the dentist and are scared because of a prior experience or a jack ass dentist then you should really go to Greentree. My experience exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to get started 🙂 Jasmeen D.

-I’ve been a patient of Dr. Koch for 7 years. I have always had timely and professional service. That’s why I keep coming back! The staff is friendly. The environment is welcoming and they also have all the latest gadgets in the dental industry. I know I can count on Dr. Koch and his staff for any dental needs. Christine C.

-Wow I went to Greentree dental and was shocked that I was actually happy to be there. They are such nice people and make u feel at home. I don’t think anyone likes the dentist but this place is as good as the dentist gets. I need a few fillings and they are open evenings a couple nights a week which means I don’t have to miss work! Great place, so glad I found it. John C.

-As a fresh college student, I was really nervous to go to the dentist for the first time, being alone that is, but I came here and everyone was really helpful. They helped me through the process and were all really nice! I have had bad experiences with doctors in the past, especially now that I go without a parent, and these guys made sure that everything was great. I seriously recommend this place! Grey’s F.

-I also found Greentree Dental from a Groupon. I was nervous because I was seeing the same dentist I’d seen my whole life! But that dentist is in PA where I grew up! I am now 29, and it was hard to get home every 6 months. So I decided it was time to find someone new. I really enjoyed my experience, everyone was so nice, including the front desk. They walked me through everything, made their pricing clear, which is very reasonable, and they offer clients a great whitening system! I will continue to see them, and my fiancée just made his first appointment too! I can see this dental office taking care of our kids someday. I am very happy with my experience! Erika M.

-I went to Greentree Dental on a Groupon and had a very positive experience. This family run dental office is friendly, clean, accommodating, affordable, and offers state of the art dentistry services. They also work well with those of us with no dental insurance. From Sara the dental hygienist to Dr. Doug, I had a very positive experience. I am going back 6 months later for a cleaning/check up, which for me is proof of their professionalism and standards. Jody W.

-I would highly recommend Green Tree Dental! I first went there using a Groupon, not expecting much for the price I was pleasantly surprised! Very friendly staff and very professional! I don’t have insurance and was pleased to know they have very affordable payment plans. Seriously go to Green Tree Sara S.

-I began going to Greentree Dental years ago. It all began when I went to a dentist for a check-up and was told I had several cavities. Something didn’t seem right, so I went for a second opinion at Greentree. I chose this dentist’s office because my aunt recommended it. My cousin had been going to them since she was small. Well, sure enough, I was told at Greentree that I didn’t have a single cavity! That honesty won me over, and I’ve been a satisfied client ever since. Marc H.

-My husband was a client of Greentree Dental when we got married, so I began going once we were married. I very much enjoy the small family environment, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. When my baby boy was born, the staff would help look after him so I could get my teeth cleaned and checked. They are very friendly with children and are welcoming even to rambunctious toddlers. Jeni H.

-I normally dislike going to the dentist, as I am sure most of you are. When I arrived at Greentree Dental, I noticed that the office was more welcoming than any
other dental office I had visited. For the first time, I found a dentist that focuses on the patient and the needs of the patient instead of the business focus that you find at other dental offices. Offices before this… I felt like I was on the lot of a used car dealership. The office makes you feel comfortable, which helps in those anxious dental visits. I’m glad that I stumbled across Greentree Dental, and hope to maintain a dental relationship. Thanks. Tricia S.

-Ever since our first appointment, our experience with this dentistry has been great. We have finally found a dentist we feel comfortable with, and that is trustworthy. The staff is so welcoming, pleasant and friendly, and provides the very best service. The dentists are very caring and professional, and try their best to make you feel at ease. My whole family, including the kids, feel as if it is the best dentist experience we have had. We highly recommend going to our dentist. Thanks Greentree! 🙂 Sonia D.

-I also first went to Greentree through a Groupon, but liked them so much that I’m still going even though I have moved to Colorado Springs. As the other reviewers have said they are very nice, professional and the office is relaxing. I’ll be needing some implants in the next couple years (I have some baby teeth that are going on 27 but won’t last much longer). When I asked what would be involved I really liked that I was described options at multiple price levels and didn’t feel pressured towards any certain one. Pros and cons were described objectively so that I could decide what will be the best option for me. I also like that they have all their forms online so that you can fill them out ahead of time, and the text/email reminders are great! Beth K.

-I initially went to Greentree Dental after purchasing a Groupon deal they had offered. While their office isn’t in a bad location, it wasn’t exactly in my neighborhood so I thought perhaps this would be a one-time only visit. They say first impressions are lasting ones and I continue to patronize Greentree Dental for their professionalism, willingness to offer affordable dental care and their superb follow through. I should also add to the list their graciousness. I recently missed an appointment and when I called their office to apologize for having overlooked the date, they couldn’t have been kinder. I recommend Greentree Dental without a single reservation. BTW, their equipment is state of the art. Victoria P.

-My son went to see Dr. Doug as an emergency. They made room for him just that morning when I called and the office was friendly and kind. Dr. Doug gave my son a hug when he left and gave us his personal cell phone number as well in case anything went wrong… how awesome is that? We were so impressed with the service my husband went to have major work done last Thursday. We spent about $800 but everywhere else would have been significantly more. The dentist even wheeled my husband out to our car when he was done. Very hands on, very attentive. We have never been so impressed with any dentist before. I truly hope their competition doesn’t continue to flag real reviews (look at the flagged ones, many are multiple reviewers). Greentree deserves honest reviews and my family could not recommend them more! Heather B.

-I found Greentree Dental through Groupon. I don’t have insurance and the price my long-time dentist was charging for checkups just kept going up. I was very happy with the cleaning I got last fall, and will be returning for my six-month cleaning next week. Their policy of discount rates for uninsured patients means I will save over $50 from what I would have paid with my former dentist. And the quality of the care offered is as good, if not better, than what I am accustomed to. My grandchildren also ended up getting a cleaning and extensive work on cavities. Dr. Doug’s care was exemplary and my children have now transferred their family’s care to Greentree Dental as well. You can’t go wrong on this one! Patricia L.

-The staff was great, Dr. Doug was fantastic with my kids and I felt that the staff makes an effort to create personal yet professional relationship with their patients. My children are 3 and 4 years old and were thrilled with their experience at the office. We have had a billing issue. I work in the industry and understand what a nuisance insurance billing can be. The staff was very receptive to my issue and I have no doubt that Green Tree’s staff will resolve the issue without myself having to make numerous calls to my nuisance of an insurance company. Heather L.

-Dr. Koch is a great dentist. We don’t have insurance and he is great about working with us. Joan has had 2 crowns and filling replacement. She has never seen a better dentist at age 70. Of course we take good care of our teeth, and seldom need anything further than cleaning. We thoroughly trust Dr. Koch with anything further. We are very pleased. Joan and Derick

-We had our whole family in about 6 months ago. We all really enjoyed our experience. They are professional and do a nice job at putting you at ease. Not an easy task when most of us sit in a dental chair. We’ve recommend this dentist to other family and friends. Go visit them….you won’t be disappointed. Tim H.

-I have been going to Greentree dental for the past 4 years plus. I get my teeth checked and cleaned about twice a year from Greentree. I also, have had several minor surgical repairs done by Dr. Koch. I have referred several people to their office and will keep doing so in the future. I appreciate their friendly staff and always feel that they take good care of me when I have my appointments. If you are looking for a local dentist, I would highly recommend their services. Robert M.