Dr. Richard H. Koch

Dr. Richard H. Koch is originally from the east coast. He was a captain in the army and did his dental schooling at the University of Maryland. A family of avid travelers, they have visited every state in the US except for Hawaii and Alaska, mostly done by countless hours in the car. After so much time traveling, the family fell in love with the Denver area and moved here in 1992. In his spare time, Dr. Koch can usually be found reading. He also enjoys Golf and Fishing. His family refers to him as a “human encyclopedia”, as he always has a wealth of information available right off the top of his head.

Dr. Douglas R. Koch

Dr. Douglas R. Koch (“Dr. Doug”) is a highly skilled Denver dentist dedicated to providing gentle and effective care to patients of all dental backgrounds. Dr. Doug achieved his DDS in a field that he is passionate about. He believes that excellent oral health begins with education and prevention and has made it his mission to enlighten patients to ways they can take greater control over their own dental health. Dr. Doug is committed to continuing education and remaining aware of the latest advancements in oral health and dentistry.
Dr. Doug also did his dental schooling at the University of Maryland. He is also an avid traveler and has spent time in Russia, Korea as well as across the United States. Weekends he can often be found in the mountains skiing, camping or hiking. He is also a notorious Halo player.


Both doctors are known for their conservative care. They believe that doing work on a tooth that does not need work is not good. It is important to watch teeth that do not warrant work and see their progression over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Between the two doctors, they provide most every procedure that needs to be done. By providing most services in our office, we can offer you the highest quality of care and also give you the best value for your dollar.

We provide a family atmosphere with the highest technology possible to provide the highest quality of care. We offer techniques that few dentists in Denver offer their patients. We spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on continuing education and hundreds of thousands of dollars every 12 – 24 months to make sure that we have latest equipment and technology.

Our Denver Staff

At Greentree Dental, we select only the best of the best to serve our patients and their families. All of our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and highly proficient in their office duties. Should you have any questions or concerns before, during or after a visit to our Denver dentist, do not hesitate to visit with one of our staff members. They are readily standing by to address your needs.